Information on Entering the US Legally from Mexico

An Immigrant Desiring to Enter the United States Legally from Mexico and its Administrative Process

For very many years now there have been issues arising from people wanting to immigrate, relocate and/or move to the United States in order to look for greener pastures. Discussions have reigned for a very long time from the senate to the congress on the right process in which people can move to the US. The debate has sometimes become so heated especially when it comes to illegal immigrants entering the United States through its borders, President Obama in November 2014 signed an Executive Order to increase border patrol personnel in addition to offering an opportunity for current illegal immigrants to come out of the shadows. The cases of illegal immigration is primarily focused on the southern border of the US and Mexico. Due to the economic nature and environment in Mexico, many people find themselves without a job and living in an impoverished hopeless situation. This has prompted many of the Mexicans and Latin American people to try and find their way into the US.

There are several ways in which the Mexicans can find their way into the US through legal means and not having to risk their lives utilizing dangerous and often very expensive illegal means. Perhaps the most obvious and legal ways is through the US green card lottery. This is a system that was developed by the US government to help assist people from other parts of the world especially the third world countries to relocate to the US permanently where they are given citizenship and will enjoy all the privileges of a citizen of the US. The lottery is done every year and usually closes in the month of December. This is one of the best avenues in which the Mexicans can try their luck in obtaining access into the US. Once someone is selected, the process is very easy for them. In fact the embassy will assist to facilitate all the paperwork and documentation needed. What remains then is for someone to select the state in which they would like to stay. The embassy can also assist to facilitate them in obtaining a job for the legal immigrant depending on their qualifications.

One can also use the avenue of a job to relocate to the US. By applying and searching for a job in the US one can land a good one which will in turn assist someone to get an invitation to the US. The United States culture is one of the hardest working in the world.  If someone is qualified the state would not hesitate to invite them. The company that someone is going to work in can also facilitate for the paperwork for the employee. All one needs in their possession to legally work in the US is what is known as a work permit which is provided by the government. This is a legal document that proves someone has the right to work in the US. The process of getting this paperwork is not hard especially if you are a qualified highly skilled professional.

One can also get an invitation from a friend or a relative. Using this method is typically very hard to get a work permit, it is a sure way in which an immigrant can get to move to the US legally. The visa will definitely be that of a tourist but whichever the case the immigrant will still be in the US legally. It is quite risky for someone to be found in the US without the correct paper work and therefore they risk getting deported back to their country. Illegal immigrants also risk being blacklisted.

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Car Insurance in California

Insurance is a mandatory requirement of all vehicles that are either operated on California roads and highways. There are numerous insurance companies and agents who can provide coverage policies and quotes which may differ throughout the state and counties, therefore contact your local Mission Viejo auto insurance agent to obtain the most recent state information on coverage for the privilege of driving in our beautiful state.

Because of the mandate of the vehicle having to be insured, you must carry with you whenever you’re driving, proof of insurance which will definitely be asked of you to produce during any one of the below specified situations:

  • When you are requested or ordered to do so by a law enforcement officer;
  • When you want to renew the vehicle’s registration, and;
  • When your vehicle has been involved in a traffic collision.

The California Vehicle Code requires all the insurance companies within the state to report private-use car insurance information via electronic means to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  These companies are however exempted from reporting the information of vehicles that are covered by business and commercial insurance policies. The electronic reporting of this insurance information took effect in 2006. It allows the DMV to easily monitor the insurance coverage of the vehicles after which they will take appropriate measures when an insurance offence is committed. Law enforcement institutions together with court personnel can also electronically access the insurance reports found in the DMV records.

If you fail to display insurance coverage on your vehicle, as a first time offender, you may end up being fined a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $200 together with some additional assessment penalties. Any subsequent infractions within a period of three years from the first offence may lead to a fine of between $200 and $500 in addition to the other assessment penalties.

The minimum liability financial responsibility for the state of California is at least $15,000 for body injury or the death of an individual person due to a single accident. On the other hand, the minimum liability financial responsibility for bodily injury or death of people due to a single accident is $30,000. As a result of a single accident, the minimum liability for damage of property is at least $5,000.

Car insurance helps you to financially cover some given types of losses and obligations as a result of owning a vehicle. For instance, with elaborate insurance coverage, you will be able to have your car fixed or replaced as a result of an accident or theft.

The main insurance policy coverage in California are:

  • Bodily injury liability coverage that pays for the driver’s and passengers’ injury or death in case of an accident. Legal costs are paid for by the insurance company.
  • Property damage liability coverage pays for someone else’s property damage as a result of your car being involved in an accident. Legal costs are also paid for by the insurance company.

In California, there is a low cost insurance provision for those who are not able to afford the normal insurance coverage. You will only be required to pay less than $338 annual fee. This is very cheap compared to the thousands of dollars that you would have otherwise paid. This coverage is available for those income eligible residents who have had past good driving records.

There are several documents that can be produced as a means to prove that one may be eligible for low cost insurance coverage. These are a Medi-Cal card, payroll stub, a 1099 form, a copy of state or federal income tax return for the previous year, a verification letter from an employer and a pension letter/social security letter. Others are Electronic Benefit Transfer, a Utility Company Lifetime Verification, Low Income Home Energy Assistance, SSI, Cal works, CalFresh, Bank statements proving your Social Security Payment Deposits, State of California Employment Development Department letter or a Notification from California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids.

Visit for the local insurance agent who could assist you in determining which auto policy coverage would best fit your needs,

Keep your eyes on the road, obey the laws and drive safely at all times. Happy Driving!